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Talk - Supabase, easy backend - video and slides of the Codemotion's talk

Posted on:March 1, 2023 at 06:42 PM

Hi folks here the slide of the talk I’ve done at Codemotion Conference 2022 - Italian Edition | Spring about Supabase and the Studio Ghibli caracters


Each of us has a side project: a great idea that gets stranded on our hard drive. Among the most common reasons is the too much boilerplate required for CRUD.

There are many tools that come to our aid, Google Firebase and AWS Amplify are some, but how to manage vendor lock-in? Is there an open source alternative?

This is where Supabase enters the landscape of possible BaaS solutions, with a PostgreSQL heart, authentication and authorization out of the box, real-time subscriptions and storage, we have everything we need in an open source and self-hostable solution!

And what do you do, do you miss out on it?


Here the link to see the video