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Talk - DEVulgari eloquentia, between content creation and personal branding sharing

Posted on:May 26, 2022 at 06:42 PM

DEVulgari eloquentia: between content creation and personal branding sharing. Sharing is the value on which our participation in a community is based. Being part of it, we would like to contribute, in fact, we have a lot of material to talk about, but then we come up against the reality of things: where to start? On which platform? Who is my audience? How do I structure my content? How much time I have to dedicate to it?

But above all… Will it really be worth it?

Let’s find out together thanks to this panel in which we will discuss with Fabio Biondi, Michel Murabito, and Mauro Murru: three content creators who will talk about their journey, their challenges, and their why.


Here the video:

Consult the panel slides: